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Industrial Safety includes all those products and systems aimed at the prevention and protection of occupational accidents. In areas where vehicles are moving and people are present, the risks of accidents are very high.

Our BARRIERS are industrial protections that aim to ensure safety within industries and workplaces, wherever there is the handling of vehicles, goods and people.

Barriers are used to reduce the possibility of collisions or damage because, installed according to specific criteria, they create alternative routes that separate the streets reserved for pedestrians to those for the transit of vehicles: This allows employees and guests to move around safely.

MAIN FUNCTION: To secure persons/workers, goods, structures and machinery from any damage that may be caused by moving vehicles.

MAIN ADVANTAGES: reduction of the risk of accidents and increase safety of the working staff, reduction of the costs of maintenance, repairs, replacements and downtime. Our barriers do not need to be repainted because they do not fade, rust or corrode.

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