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Universal absorbents absorb all liquids except acids and alkalis.

For this absorbent line we offer various types of products: rolls, cloths, sausages, cushions, kit for spills, kit of reintegration, truck transporters kit.

Some of these universal sanitary napkins are divided into qualities. Read the different features to discover the product that best suits your needs:

- GOOD Quality: Super absorbent product composed of a smooth surface. It is not pre-cut.

- VERY GOOD Quality: Good compromise between price/quality. It is pre-cut and heat-embossed.

- SUPREME Quality: The best compromise between price/ quality. It is super absorbent, pre-cut, heat-embossed. It is also tear resistant, does not release liquids and has a side of it resistant to trampling.

- EXCELLENT Quality: Super resistant, pre-cut and heat-embossed product. It is also tear resistant, does not release liquids and has both sides resistant to foot traffic.

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