DMR S.r.l. reserves the right to propose alternatives that are as similar as possible in terms of performance to those shown in the catalogue. We reserve the right to make changes to price lists at any time and without notice.


The delivery time is purely indicative and not binding, as it varies from time to time and also depends on the type of goods requested. It will be in the interest of our sales department to agree and notify the customer of delivery times. Deliveries are always and only subject to the sale and any delays will not entitle the purchaser to claim refunds or compensation of any kind.


The packaging is included in the price. For any special packaging we will evaluate the cost during the offer and/or order confirmation.


Unless otherwise agreed, shipment will be DAP and invoiced to the customer according to the cost of our courier.  In case of EXW the shipments and transport are carried out at the customer's risk and any liability on our part for damage, theft and tampering during transport is therefore excluded.


It will be the exclusive care of the customer to check the goods on arrival and, if there is damage to the packaging or product, as well as the lack of packages, MUST BE IMMEDIATELY DISPUTED to the courier by ACCEPTANCE WITH SPECIFIC RESERVATION AND SIGNATURE to be reported in writing with the appropriate wording: "Control reserve for packaging not intact / damaged / missing pieces etc." specifying on the courier’s delivery DDT (both paper and electronic) the reasons for this reservation, the mere affixing of the "specific reserve stamp" is not sufficient. Then, immediately inform DMR S.r.l. of this dispute.

Without this indication, no claims may be made against the carrier.


For materials purchased we do not accept returns, unless expressly authorized by us. Our products are guaranteed from manufacturing defects.

Products found to be defective at the time of delivery and found by us to be so, will be replaced free of charge upon return by us with free delivery. The replacement or credit of the goods will be evaluated.

Complaints for defective or non-conforming goods must be notified in writing no later than 8 days after receipt of the goods. The warranty expires if the purchased material is tampered with.


Payment of invoices must be made, in accordance with the terms and conditions established, in the name of DMR S.r.l. and in case of late payment, will be charged interest according to D. L. 9 October 2002, Nr.231 implementing Directive 2000/35/EC.

1.  Failure to comply with the payment terms entitles us to cancel or suspend any pending orders.

2.  After the third insolvency, the order will only be processed upon payment by bank transfer in advance.

Payment on delivery is not accepted.


For the creation of customized graphics, DMR reserves the right to quantify and charge any cost.

Additional costs will be quoted if a different graphic processing is required from the one previously agreed in the offer phase. The reproduction, even partial, of drawings, photos and codes products by third parties is strictly prohibited unless previously authorized.


The Court of Chieti is exclusively competent for any dispute.

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