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The sole purpose of improving the browsing experience of users on our site we use so-called cookies, which are small files that are stored by the computer when the website is visited by a user and then used by browsers (such as such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.).
Being small text files cookies do not constitute a danger to the user, and some of them are needed to operate the site. Others are useful for navigation because it can store, in protected mode, useful information such as, for example, the login name, your favorite products, and those in the cart, the navigation language preferred and how they many others.
The advantage of them active in your system, be it a smartphone or a tablet computer, is that you no longer need to fill out the same information each time you decide to return to a previously visited site.
In our website we use cookies to improve their browsing experience and possibly to purchase products and services, as close as possible to the needs of our users, as well as optimize site performance.
Because cookies can be used, in some cases even if it is not our case, to record buying preferences and eating habits creating a true user profile, the Privacy decided to regulate the use by subjecting the explicit acceptance of the user.

Types of cookies
1. Cookie technical:
Their use is essential for the proper functioning of the services offered by our site such as authentication, the choice of language, the reservation and purchase of products and services ... etc.
The use of cookies does not require any technical consent.
2. Cookie statistics
Their use is essential to improve the performance of our website because they indicate what pages are most visited, their loading time, the time spent on the page etc. Data is collected in aggregate form and is not in any way possible to trace the identity of the individual user. The only identification element is the storage of the IP address assigned to the connection with which it accesses the Internet. The statistics program used is Google Analytics. For any requirement on the activation / deactivation / use of Cookies, following the instructions on the page will be notified of their browsers.
3. Cookie profiling
They are not used on this site.
4. Third Party Cookies
As our aim is to offer the user the best possible service we could also use third-party services, such as videos posted on youtube, shares of Facebook or link to other sites and scripts ... etc.
Cookies assigned to users of our site by third-party operators could provide them with data on how they have viewed our pages and which of these have proved most interesting, that aggregates data to others already in their possession may give rise to a profiling.
This type of cookie is not directly controlled by us and then we can not offer any guarantee on the use that will be made

Acceptance and renunciation of cookies
If you continue using the site by closing the area by clicking or scrolling information or any other page on the site, you will be given to accepted our Cookies Policy.
To give instead the use of Cookies will need to disable the use following the instructions for setting the navigation software used (the so-called browser) as described below.

How to disable cookies
The navigation programs that are most used allow both to disable the acceptance of new cookies is to delete those already stored in memory, in order to receive instructions always updated is necessary to read them from the links listed below for the most common ones. For all other open help pages or enter in the program settings used.
Microsoft Edge:
Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:
Apple Safari:
Some of these browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox) allow to choose the window of anonymous browsing, whose aim is precisely to release the fewest number of data possible.


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