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DMR , is a company formed by a team of qualified professionals , with many years of experience
experience in the areas of occupational safety and environmental protection .
And ' in the Italy of the multinational commercial ERGOMAT .
DMR operates and applies WCM systems , 5S , Shapes , Six Sigma , TPM etc. . , the company policy is
very sensitive to the specific needs of service improvement and quality for the signage
horizontal safety in the workplace and the protection of corporate resources, for
achieve these goals proposes an innovative product to meet the numerous requests
companies that were not satisfied with the results obtained with the traditional
verniciatura.DMR meets these needs by introducing a new solution for marking
adhesive of high quality, can replace completely
the traditional coating , in accordance with
present in force , implementing the effectiveness of a system of directions
horizontal for the protection of operators and resources
business .
DMR , implementation of new systems of signs
horizontal with innovative materials and safe ( paints require
the use of hazardous substances for dilution,
for the application and for the removal of paint
worn and for the consequent disposal ), the new system
brings huge advantages in lasting wear walkway
and trolleys for mechanical handling of
goods , expanding considerably the time for rebuilding, reducing
drastically the time of installation and restoration of reports
horizontal and consequent economic benefits for companies by reducing
labor costs .
DMR optics, always striving to improve the stations of
work and physical well-being of operators, relies on the production of
safety and anti-fatigue mats, non-slip ergonomic for each type and
work environment , creating tailor-made solutions .
DMR , in the spirit of enterprise has the continuous search for innovative products to meet
the needs of its customers with technical solutions and cutting-edge materials
high quality .
DMR believes that the basic principles for a fruitful and ongoing are :
- seriousness
- professionalism
competence -
The result of this basic concept and the implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques and
Lean Accounting , bring a number of cost savings for businesses, increasing security ,
the welfare of the people and protect the environment.
DMR has a technical staff composed of qualified personnel capable of carrying out projects and solutions
techniques for special needs , thanks to the know -how to offer solutions to the market
integrated PRODUCT / SERVICE completely free, divided into the following phases:
-audit/Sopralluogo at the establishment and evaluation of each individual need
- preparation of reports for regulatory compliance regulations and systems Lean
- economic analysis of management on the basis of the data provided
- statement of cost reduction
- constant after-sales maintenance
DMR has a logistics warehouse stocked and updated to meet rapid delivery
of goods in the catalog and a business structure that ensures fast technical advice,
economic and logistics.


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