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They signal and highlight dangerous points. They protect angles, edges and protrusions from equipment and machines in movement. They prevent injiuries provoked by impacts.
to be applied on load bearing beams, passages, walls,machineries and vehicles.
- Flexibles and anti-ageing
- Realized in polyurethane foam very flexible, with long lasting and wear resistance warranty.
- Resistant to temperature from - 40 C to +100 C, suitable for inside and outside.
- Complete with adhesive suitable for walls, metal or wooden surfaces.
- Double use: it protects and signals corners, machineries, shelving, walls, pipes.
- Available also in white for hospitals, offices,laboratories, clean rooms, etc.
- They can be adapted and cut on the premises. with a blade suitably sharpened.

Polyurethane foam recyclable, completely free of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).Sealing adhesive 21 N/25 mm. Available from ...
Polyurethane film subject to resistant foaming and with colouring through printing on the side,from which the absence ...
Modified acrylic adhesive, light and ageing resistant.
Easy fixing on clean and devoid oily residues surfaces.
Hatching yellow/black in compliance with BCV A8, hatching red/white in compliance with BGV A8, black,white glowing ...
Edge protectors
Recyclable polyurethane foam, CFC free (chlorofluorocarbon).
Polyurethane film subject to a resistant foaming and ...


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