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The highest quality of absorbing pads,rolls, pillows for any type of spill and containment products applicable to the most demanding professional facilites all over the world.
Universal absorbing material
The random assembly of large fibers creates a voluminous layer.
The cloth quickly absorbs high amount of liquids; ...
Absorbing material for chemical products
To absorb losses, drippings and spills of acids, corrosive and/or unknown products can be dangerous for the workers. ...
Oil-Only Absorbing material
The absorbing products Oil Only are specifically treated with water repellents to maximize the absorption of oily ...
First intervention kit
Kit for spills, portable and cheap, quickly reacts in case of spills on the floor.
Non-woven fabric/special cloths
A new concept, created through a water union system. It’s a material resistant to the use on abrasive surfaces.
Kit for drivers and forklifts
It prepares your vehicle in case of spills and you are in compliance with the European Agreement concerning the ...
Granular absorbing materials
It absorbs quickly, entrapping the liquids so that it cannot be released. The overfilled part changes colour, making ...
Neutralizer for battery acids
The neutralizer amount for DM –NEU02 acids, necessary for the perfect neutralization of a litre of acid solution, with ...
Spill control
The slickstoppers maintains the liquids outside your drains, sealing them hermetically.
It is composed by a superior ...
They capture the dripping from containers and drums,before they cause slipping and falling danger.


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