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They are produced with the highest quality and resistance. They will convey the instructions and they are able to bear the pedestrian and fork lifts traffic.
Emergency exit right arrow
DIMENSIONS: 30,5 cm x 10 cm
Emergency exit left arrow
DIMENSIONS: 30,5 cm x 10 cm
Ladder, fire sign. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Firefighters, fire sign. Thickness:0,90 mm
Valve, fire sign. Thickness:0,90 mm
In case of fire call
In case of fire call sign
Underground hydrant
Underground hydrant, fire sign. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Sprinkler system for fire-engine
Sprinkler system for fire-engine, fire sign. Thickness:0,90 mm
Automatic shut-off system
Automatic shut-off system, fire sign. Thickness:0,90 mm
Fire door
Fire door, fire sign. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Fire blanket
Fire blanket, fire sign. Thickness:0,90 mm
Fire hose
Fire hose, fire sign. Thickness:  0,90 mm
Direction right
Direction right , fire sign. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Fire alarm call point
Fire alarm call point, fire sign. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Hydrant, fire sign . Thickness: 0,90 mm
overground hydrant
Overground hydrant, fire sign. Thickness:0,90 mm
Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher, fire sign. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Extinguisher cart
Extinguisher cart, fire sign . Thickness: 0,90 mm
T sign- Activate in case of fire
T sign- activate in case of fire, fire sign. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Assembly point sign
Assembly point sign, fire sign . Thickness 0,90 mm
Fire extinguisher- do not block -keep clear at all times
Fire extinguisher do not block-keep clear at all times
Red Safety first
Red safety first. Thickness: 0,90 mm
Blue safety first
Blue safety first   Thickness:0.90 mm
Warning IPD
Warning IPD Thickness:  0.90 mm
Speed limit 7 km/h
Speed limit 7 km/h. Thickness: 0.90 mm
Emergency shower and eyewash
Emergency shower and eyewash. Thickness: 0.90 mm
No thoroughfare to forklift trucks
No thoroughfare to forklift trucks. Thickness: 0.90 mm
No entry to unauthorised person
No entry to unauthorised person. Thickness 0.90 mm
Possibility of customisation
Possibility of customisation. Thickness : 0.90 mm
Forklifts must turn right
Forklifts must turn right . Thickness: 0.90 mm
Do not pass
Do not pass Thickness: mm 0,90
Warning do not enter
Warning do not enter. Thickness: 0.90 mm
Caution Danger
Caution Danger. Thickness 0.90 mm
Sign for floor
Thickness 0.9 mm. Excellent also for unstable floors.


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