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The random assembly of large fibers creates a voluminous layer.
The cloth quickly absorbs high amount of liquids; ideal to absorb spurts or spills.
The ultrasound quilting melts the layers. The cloth doesn’t flake even when it is completely overfilled.
Extra strong; the quilting guarantees an homogeneous distribution of the liquid absorbed.
The grey colour,means universal absorbent, for an easy identification
The roll is vertically and horizontally pierced.
The rolls are ideal to cover wide areas and absorb losses and spurts.
Universal rolls
It absorbs drippings and discharges to keep the floors dry and guarantee the safety of workers. ...
Universal mats
The random assembly of large polypropylene fibres, creates a voluminous layer. the cloth absorbs ...
Universal sock
DIMENSIONS: ? 8 cm x 122 cm; PACKAGE: 30 PZ
Sock for absorbing all kind of liquids. It is an absorbing flexible tight product to perfectly ...
Universal pillow
To absorb big volumes of losses and dischrges of oils,refrigerants and water. The pillow are easy ...


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