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With beveled edges where requested.
All realized in 100% nitrile rubber resistant to the aggressive liquids. High ergonomics and anti-slip in environments with presence of oils, grease and slippery liquids.
Both standard and customizable sizes.
Covered by warranty, that goes from 3 to 12 years
Ergonomic, antibacterial,anti-fatigue,anti-slip PUNCHED NITRIL mat
PUNCHED NITRIL. 100% Nitril rubber resistant to aggressive liquids. Easy to clean, with ...
Ergonomic, anti-fatigue,anti-slip ENDURANCE INDUSTRY mat
ENDURANCE INDUSTRY. For high impact environments. 100% Nitril rubber, resistant to aggressive ...
Ergonomic, anti-fatigue,anti-slip NITRIL SMOOTH PLANO ESD / COND mat
NITRIL SMOOTH PLANO ESD / CONDUCTIVE. 100% Nitril rubber. For continuous foot traffic and ideal for ...
Ergonomic,anti-fatigue, anti-slip NITRIL SMOOTH PLANO mat
NITRIL SMOOTH PLANO.100% Nitril rubber. For continuous foot traffic, ideal  for cart traffic. ...
Ergonomic,anti-fatigue,anti-slip NITRO mat
NITRO.100% Nitril rubber resistant to aggressive liquids and hot metal shavings. For continuous ...
Ergonomic, anti-fatigue,anti-slip SOFTLINE mat
SOFTLINE. 100% EPDM rubber, ideal for food industries and laboratories. High antibacterial ...


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